In a big city like Cologne, a vital music scene needs places where venture and experiment naturally are held in great esteem.

In places like that pressure and market-based thinking start taking influence on the content.


Viewer numbers are more unreliable than before, the musical fashion rapidly changes, institutions have high costs for

self-preservation. In situations like this, there is a risk of distorting the initial thought of artistical expression as an alternative model - the risk of musical finding and inventing reacting to the development of easily marketable surface formation instead of co-develope with them occurs.


To preserve and develop a reservoir that encroaches on the established places of the musical presentation, is the aspiration and content of the Platform of Undocumentable Events, in accordance with Cologne’s former characterizing tradition of providing such places (e.g. Beginner Studio, Rhenania etc.)





Platform of Undocumentable Events exists since 2004.

At first as a guest in the small office of “Kunstkontakte”, located in the Ritterstraße, with a wide window facade to the Ritterstraße, the series takes place in the shared atelier of artist Ulrike Geitel and Ulrich Dürrenfeld in a courtyard building in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. The excellent acoustics and the protected frame proved to be a fertile ground for thrilling collaborations of international musicians since mid-2005. Guests from Japan, Lebanon, USA and entire Europe resided and played alongside cologne-based musicians here.


Early 2007 for example, Antione Beuger and Markus Kaiser (Wandelweiser Komponisten, Düsseldorf), Chris Heenan and Michael Vorfeld (USA/Berlin), Ulrich Phillipp, Benoit Cancoin and Joker Nies (Wiesbaden/France/Cologne), Claus van Bebber and Martin Klapper (Kalkar/Czechia), Tatsuya Nakatani, Peter Jaquemyn, Frank Gratkowski (USA/Belgium; Cologne), Thomas Lehn and Gino Robair (Cologne/USA) as well as Angelika Sheridan, Georg Wolf, Wolfgang Schliemann and Hans Schneider (Cologne/Wiesbaden/Langgöns/Leverkusen).


Meanwhile, the Platform has a remarkable reputation among improvising musicians as the high-level guest list shows. Not in a long time French musicians have been playing that frequently in cologne like in the last few years. Even the young Scandinavian scene ist represented quite frequently as performances of “Streifenjunko”, Groenvold/Volden or Grip/Jernberg show.


Beyond that, the schedule repeatedly contains presentations of New Music like Wandelweiser Komponisten in January 2007, New Chanson like Christina Messner, New Projects like in that time the Mollsche Gesetz or Sebastian Gramss’ Mad Michel.

The curating of the schedule is run by musician and composer Carl Ludwig Hübsch, in accordance with his hosts,

the artist couple Ulrike Geitel/Ulrick Dürrenfeld, as well as the international contacts that have been established

along the way. Furthermore, he takes care of the organization of the series. The hosts Dürrenfeld and Geitel provide sustenance

for each concert as well as the location. An impressive photo documentation of the events was collected and is presented

at the website of Ulrich Dürrenfeld: Atelier Dürrenfeld/Geitel.





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